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The Future Is Bright.

- Lake Orion, Michigan - 

Michigan Polarized Sunglasses for Fishing

Venture Out. Be Fearless.

If you Break, Smash, Run-Over, Lose, or somehow find your Greater Lakes sunglasses incapacitated, email your story to

Depending on how epic the story is, you can receive up to 100% off your next pair of Greater Lakes Sunglasses.

Wood Sunglasses with Dog

Life At The Lake.

Handcrafted elegant bamboo temples paired with a tortoise shell frame, the Walloons are designed to impress.

Boating sunglasses

Sunglasses for Life.

Owners of Greater Lakes sunglasses receive a discount on all future purchases for life!

Greater Lakes is a sunglasses company in Lake Orion, Michigan.
Our glasses are built for a life spent outdoors. Whether your out on the boat, grabbing a beer with some buds, or hiking into the unknown, our frames are built to last, and priced to not break your heart if anything happens to them.

Look at these good looking people.


Venture Out. Be Fearless.