Hello, I'm John Richter...


...and I lost my favorite pair of sunglasses. In February of 2015, I spent $125 dollars on a pretty cool pair of sunglasses. I was preparing for a trip to Cabo, and thought "Why not?", Sometimes you gotta treat yourself, right? I wore them home, and packed them for my journey to Mexico.

On day two, maybe three of the trip (there were some beers involved) I was on a catamaran, and jumped from one level to the next to grab another drink, when, in slow-motion my sunglasses dove into the Sea of Cortez, never to be seen or heard from again.

At that moment, I began to wonder, why did I pay so much for those sunglasses? They were plastic, and were no different than any other pair I've ever seen or worn. So I decided to learn about what goes into making sunglasses. As it turns out one company basically owns all of the sunglasses brands that you've ever heard of. Often times, you are paying for branding, not quality, fit or well any of the good reasons you should buy something.

So I bought the industry reports, teamed up with a few manufacturers and started working on what would be my next favorite pair of sunglasses.

One year later, Greater Lakes, LLC was born. Greater Lakes sunglasses are designed to last, with a pricepoint that won't make your stomach turn if they fall into an ocean or a lake, Heck some of em even float. 

It took me over a year to finally develop the product line up that I am proud of.

Thank you so much for your business, and I hope you enjoy your pair as much as I have.


                                                                                                                          John Richter